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Monday, September 08, 2008

Moving swiftly on*

iKnit day 060908

Here are just some of the sights from the iKnit day on Saturday. I didn't quite make it into the monster queue to meet the Harlot in person (she'll come back again, right? she seemed to quite like London after all) but I so enjoyed her talk. The audience were in stitches (argh) throughout.

Ellen and I knit two stitches apiece (all we could manage before exhaustion set in) on the world's biggest piece of knitting, we met lots of nice people and did a little celeb spotting and bought pretty things and I had tea and cake (which is usually enough to make my day on its own) and squeed at the world's fluffiest bunnee (we wants it).

I always come back from these days with a huge creative urge which usually translates into a bad case of startitis. Imagine my surprise therefore when I got home, dragged my POTW out of the ziplock where it's been mouldering (thankfully not literally) for the past year and set about finishing it. I hadn't knit a stitch on it since last September when I made it about 50 rows (out of 1000) into the border and hit the knitting wall. I still couldn't face that border but I've learnt a few tricks since then including this handy crochet chain bind-off for lace projects. Just crochet three edging stitches together then chain about 8 and repeat until all stitches are bound off.

I'd run out of the super strength cotton I usually use for blocking lace but discovered that bamboo skewers make pretty good blocking wires at a pinch.

POTW - redux

Actually this may be the world's biggest piece of knitting - it's as tall as I am.

POTW - redux

And of course it's not really the weather for lightweight merino silk stoles, still at least I've reclaimed my Lantern Moon needles which have been unavailable for 18 months.


Pattern: Print o' the Wave by Eunny Jang
Needles: 3.75mm circulars
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace (I still have loads left)

* my attempts at a more descriptive post were all just unutterably wordy so if you actually want to hear me go on and on about the day I'll be happy to oblige on Wednesday in the pub.


the frog princess said...

I'm having total startitis!

your shawl is GORGE.

Felix said...

Oh wow your shawl looks amazing!

I am also feeling a massive case of startitis coming on...

katieh said...

the shawl looks great! i think you totally did the right thing. :)