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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just need closure

Or rather just needs closures. I started off on this little dress for Laurie yesterday evening and got so enthused that I couldn't wait to obtain a zip before finishing off the inside edges of the back bodice. Of course if I'd thought it through I would have added an extra half-inch to the inside edge of each back piece for buttons and button-holes. As it is I think that maybe hooks and eyes or those little bobbly buttons with button loops would do the trick.

Baby dress

Pattern: Based on
this pattern with a few modifications.
Size: 12-18 months (I hope)
Fabric: Needlecord from John Lewis
Lining: Amy Butler cotton

Baby dress

I'm very pleased with the lined bodice and the waistband which encloses the top of the gathered skirt. The one thing that I'm not so happy with is that in all the excitement of the Federer/Murray final I hemmed the wrong end of the skirt (which is just a cylinder of fabric gathered at one end) so that the nap of the fabric goes the wrong way. Still I don't suppose she'll notice it. Fingers crossed that big sister likes it too as it's a v. easy pattern and such fun to make up.

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katieh said...

It's looks great. i'm very impressed!