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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Magic Hour at the Oxford Botanical Gardens

On Thursday I headed along to The Magic Hour, OCM's event at the Oxford Botanical Gardens.

Before making my tour of the exhibits which were dotted about the gardens I checked in with Felix in her feedback shed.

Felix outside shed

I was really glad that she was warm and dry inside a greenhouse given how lousy the weather had been.

Labels board

It's almost a shame that her map was completely obscured by visitors' comments labels by the end of the evening.

After seeing Felix I met up with Katie, W and their friend Pat and we went off to look round the exhibits.

Pollen hankies

Magdalen tower

Quite apart from the installations it was great just wandering round the beautiful gardens in the gathering dusk.

Black Walnut

This black walnet might have walked straight out of one of the nastier dells in the Old Forest.

Spooky lanterns

Tealights round pond

Looking down my photos from the evening it's really interesting to see how the colour has faded out of the photos as the evening went on until the ones just above are nearly black and white.

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