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Sunday, September 07, 2008

FO - "Anyone for tennis?" handspun

Handspun from the curly fleece of the Slazenger, a shy creature that can be found lurking in the leafy suburbs of SW1.

"Anyone for tennis? "handspun

This was plied, whacked and dried by Wednesday morning but only given to Felix (as a rather belated birthday pressie) on Thursday evening. I've got to say that the presentation (in a recycled cardboard takeaway carton) was Aliki's genius idea.

The fibre is wool hand-dyed by Mobair (aka Victoria Smedley). I saw it at the Festival of Quilts and immediately thought of Felix. Happy Birthday (three months ago).

1 comment:

Felix said...

I love my yarn so much!

I am still thinking about what to make with it. Given the setting in which you presented it to me and the theme of the moment, I think it will end up being some kind of amazing 'green fingers' gloves.

You are so thoughtful. Thank you very much xxx