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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweater training

You might have got the impression that all this baby knitting is in aid of my bid to be aunt of the year but in fact I've got an ulterior motive. It's just practice for the one or two adult sweaters I want to design for myself this autumn.

Clara's cardigan  - first attempt

I've been getting to grips with using the EZ percentage system to calculate neck sizes and yoke lengths and after a false start (above - see the unusual letter-box style neck) I've been making good progress on the raglan cardigan for Laurie's little buddy Clara.

Clara's raglan cardigan

This needs to be done for September so I'm trying not to get distracted by other shiny knitting but I've been continuing to spin up the giant sack of biffle on my new wheel.

300g wheel spun biffle

Hopefully I'll be able to spin enough at a consistent enough weight to knit a sweater - nothing too fancy shaping-wise - I'm thinking a lace tube (happily I suit tube shaped sweaters) with reverse stockinette yoke.

My ambivalence to watching the Beijing Olympics lasted just until the first coxless fours heat yesterday morning. Of course, having decided that I will be watching the Olympics it's ironic that the TV should have packed up this morning - we have sound but no vision! Still, our first gold medal - Nicole Cook in the women's cycling road race - was just as exciting on the radio, in fact more so as I couldn't see whether she was going to hang on or not.

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Moggle said...

The baby cardi looks good. I love raglans!

Spinning is looking good too, you'll have enough biffle for a jumper in no time.