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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marathon monkeys

It would be too boring to go into all the mishaps that befell the knitting of my Cedar Dancing socks over the weekend. Suffice to say that when, after I'd finally got the correct number of stitches to fit my foot and had knit about eight four-round pattern repeats, I realised that the pattern repeat should be in fact five rounds I decided that it was the yarn's way of telling me that it wanted to be Monkeys instead.

Marathon Monkeys

I think that the yarn was right in this case. These look fab and you've got to love a lace pattern that, whilst looking reasonably detailed and intricate, is straightforward enough that I didn't make a single mistake between casting on at the start of the women's marathon at 12.30am and finally going back to bed at 4.15am after the women's and men's medley relays.

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katieh said...

I agree. It sounds weird but I think you end up with much more successful projects when you listen to what the yarn wants to be.

and those monkey socks are super cute. :)