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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Non-woolly minded illiberalism (or yet another reason not to read the Guardian)

Aliki* pointed me in the direction of this somewhat vitriolic blog post on the "pointless" Ravelympics. Skipping over the inaccuracies, mindless hate, and sweeping generalisms (apparently all knitters are humourless and overweight - that's just like saying that all Guardian journalists can't spell*) this guy just doesn't seem to have got the point. Whenever there is a major sporting event, people who enjoy sport often like to do something to be more involved either with the participants or with the other fans. That something can be wearing team colours, having your once-a-year punt on the Grand National, joining the office sweepstake during the World Cup, or just discussing your new-found love for synchronised diving in the kitchen at work. In the case of the knitting community we celebrate (the same way we celebrate every other day with a Y in it) by knitting. I don't see what's so pointless about using a set period to focus on a particular project, or about using knitting and the Olympics to meet new friends. After all, if I'm going to be sat on my "fat arse" watching over 100 hours of sport (or at least I will be when the telly comes back from the shop) I might as well produce something warm and beautiful at the same time. You go, Ravelympians!

After this brief polemic we now return to our regular scheduled knitting content. I was so excited to find out that Aliki is knitting a pair of Hopscotch socks in a gorgeous blue shade of Oxford Kitchen Yarns. They look fabulous and we spent lunchtime cooing over how neatly the cables intertessellated (though I says it as shouldn't).

Despite a minor flirtation (if you can call casting on 236 stitches in the round a flirtation) with a tank top in an attempt to ascertain whether I could knit up my handspun alpaca and the last of the Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply at the same gauge (I couldn't) I've made good progress on Clara's raglan cardigan.

Clara's raglan cardigan

I'm just ready to start the ribbing at the bottom then there's just the button bands and the sleeves. It's all looking very cute and well-proportioned, the fabric is lovely and soft and it's not too yarn hungry. I think if I was knitting this in a single colour it wouldn't take much over three balls.

* she knows I just love a bit of righteous indignation and impotent fuming.

** Sorry, I tried not to be cheap but that one just slipped out. Nice use of the less common double-L spelling of "civillisation" btw Steve!

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the frog princess said...

He is such a wanker!

And what are we supposed to do while knitting if not *sit*, I ask you?

Good thing he hasn't heard of Stitch n Pitch...