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Monday, August 25, 2008

Barrelful of Monkeys

Monkey socks

There's been a bit of an Outbreak style epidemic of Monkey knitting this week. I finished the first sock (front) in the lovely Artful Ewe sock yarn from Washington yesterday morning and promptly cast on the first of another pair in Colinette Jitterbug (back). I'm making pretty good progress too, even considering that I got in loads of knitting yesterday at Katie's and today in the car to and from and whilst wandering around Bletchley Park. Turns out I can totally knit and pay attention to exhibits at the same time. I may end up like Miss Patty in Anne of the Island and look up at the Sphinx and knit.

Despite the fact that it's the August Bank Holiday weekend it's been warm enough to wear my hot-off-the-sewing-machine Barcelona skirt to Katie's tea party yesterday afternoon and whilst visiting Bletchley Park today. It was received with much acclaim although less surprise than I'd anticipated. In fact I got the distinct impression that I'd have been in trouble if I hadn't worn it. Either my friends know me better than I think or Aliki let something slip at knitting on Wednesday.

Anyway here's the FO.

FO - Barcelona skirt

And on me.

Harrier jet

I hope you're impressed that I'm holding up that Harrier with just one hand.

As well as all the regular Bletchley exhibits there was a bit of a James Bond tie-in going on to celebrate an exhibition about Ian Fleming's work there during the war. They had the Aston Martin owners club, a Sean Connery (late era) look alike, and Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice. I got to look inside the cockpit.


After all, you don't want to hit the flame thrower button by mistake for the odometer reset.

Amongst all the things I expected to see, like the Turing Bombe and the Enigma machine was something more unexpected.

Bletchley quilt

Bletchley quilt

It's a quilted representation of the facility at Bletchley Park and an absolutely fabulous piece. I love the herring bones on the roof of one of the huts.

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wazz said...

I really love this skirt. It looks fab. Which pattern did you use? I also enjoyed the Anne of the Island reference.