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Monday, February 04, 2008

You make my day!

Slightly belated I know but I found this half written post in my drafts and thought I'd finish it off.

1) The Oxford Bluestockings - aka Abstar's World, Knitaluscious, The Frog Princess, KnitWit, Mootthings, Oxford Kitchen Yarns and Practical Polly: Despite seeing these girls at least once a week I love being able to catch up on all their knittings and doings via their blogs and I always get very excited when one of them turns up modelling an FO that I'd only previously seen on the blog.

2) Second only due to the fact that blood is thicker than water - the Yarn Harlot. I know that every second knitter out there will also have nominated Stephanie Pearl McPhee so I'm not telling you anything new but the woman is hilarious. Yarn Harlot is the first blog I check out in the mornings and if there's a new post it always makes for a great start to the day. Her knitting is pretty great too.

3) I adore Knitspot. Anne Hanson's designs are bee-yew-tiful (check out this, and this, and these, oh and this!) She always seems to have something new either on her needles or her stove to admire.

4) The Panopticon is where I head for great writing, gorgeous lace knitting, fun cartoons and bitchy comments from chain smoking sheep. Love this blog!

5) Cast-On a podcast for knitters is hosted by Brenda Dayne. Brenda is a great writer and knitter and her voice is as relaxing as a long, hot bath. Her podcasts have got me through more stressful train delays than I care to remember.

6) Slipped Stitch (or Kirsty's Flatmate Alice's blog as I usualy refer to it) is another favourite. Her designs are lovely and quirky and her posts have a nice mix of knit content and other topics.

5) Jared of Brooklyn Tweed is a photographer as well as a knitter and it shows. I only wish I could get my knits to look that good! He spins and designs too and is always willing to respond to queries about the things he's knitted.

6) My Fashionable Life was the first knit blog I started reading. Anna isn't posting so frequently at the moment due to her latest FO (Stanley John Alexander) but her patterns (for free and to buy) are linked to from her site.

9) Librivox is a volunteer organisation which creates audiobooks recordings of works in the public domain. Their catalogue is constantly growing and already contains hundreds of classic works from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

10) Strange maps is not a knit blog but it's always good for a laugh and some interesting cartographic trivia. This is one of my favourites.

Thanks everyone!

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