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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mental block

I've been itching to get started cutting and sewing Felix's fabric since she gave it to me last Wednesday but first there was another little job I had to do:

needle roll detail

This is Katie's needle roll in the fabulous cupcake fabric. I'm getting more and moe confident with the quilting foot and I'm pretty pleased with how the quilting on this turned out.

needle roll open

It's basically a large zig-zag with the lines of stitching about 1 cm apart and a few places where it goes off at a tangent.

Once i got let loose on Felix's parcel I decided on a basic snowball quilt using the oak leaves and the darker green gingham for the corners and the other six colours for the "snowballs". Sadly, despite spending a lot of time and paper doodling out different quilt designs and making calculations I still managed to balls it up rather as I somehow managed to misunderestimate by half how many corner squares I would need. It's not a crisis but it does mean that my squares aren't quit based on a nine patch block and that piecing them is a little bit trickier.

Piecing the corner

Still, the first eight seem to have gone OK.

first blocks

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Anonymous said...

sorry already my comment is on the wrong really refers to your entry about your gran's recipe book....Mrs Holt!!! My mother in law was a peggy HOLT before she married....also in the UK....Cheshire. Not that common a name!