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Monday, February 18, 2008

Stained Glass Quilt

Stained glass quilt

I finished off the quilt top on Saturday morning and couldn't resist pinning it up against the window to show off the colours. I'm going to finish it off with a border in either the red or dark green and a back in the cream to show off the quilting. It's just going to be a lap quilt with a finished size of probably 36" by 56" and should be lovely and bright for the spring.

Whilst the quilt top looks pretty impressive I'm conscious that behind the scenes (or seams if you like) it could be neater and there are some fairly fudgy spots. However, I'm on the learning curve and I've learnt a few useful lessons for my next attempt such as the larger the individual pieces the easier (and quicker) it is and that less than a quarter-inch seam allowance is not a good idea.


Kirsty said...

Look at you, quilty lady! That's A-mazing! I love how the seam allowances look like leading in the window...

Felix said...

It looks beautiful! I agree with Kirsty that the seam-allowances *do* look like leading. The reason being that they are all so even and meticulous! It will be such a lovely quilt and it's nice to see it hung up against the window where the neatness of both sides of the work can be shown together!

Anonymous said...

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