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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yarn crawl

The trip to London was so much fun. Katie, Felix (sadly Lara couldn't come due to the outbreak of foot and mouth) and I travelled into town together on the Oxford tube - time profitably spent in knitting (them) and doing some reasonably complicated maths (at least it seemed pretty complex at that time of the morning) in order to work out how many stitches to pick up an where on the POTW (me).

We met up with Aliki at Notting Hill Gate and headed onwards to Putney (picking up Jaq en route) to visit Stash where I picked up some lovely Misti Alpaca lace-weight (potentially another MS3 this time full size) and some great Clover lockable stitch markers which immediately came in very handy for the POTW border. I was very tempted by some beautiful raspberry coloured Grace silk wool by Louisa Harding but managed to resist as I wasn't really sure what I'd knit with it. It is lovely stuff though so maybe another time..

Misti Alpaca laceweight

I really like Stash - they have a lovely selection of yarns and the owners are so friendly and helpful.

Next we headed on to I Knit London which I hadn't visited before. It is just floor to ceiling great yarn in there and we got a lovely welcome. Felix chatted loads to the guy in the shop about the Knitted Walking Stick Cosy competition and got some good advice about getting the word out there. I was really interested in the British yarns and snaffled some really lovely Wensleydale (it's not just a cheese, y'know) longwool 4-ply in cream, blue and green for a sweater (I have an idea based on a Jaeger pattern in mind).

Wensleydale Longwool 4 ply

Aliki (and I think Felix too) got some gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and Katie got some plum coloured Rooster Almerino (I don't actually think she'll be making ear-muffs from it though).

the 'ear-warmer' test

We were retreating from the the shop in good order and I was checking out the yarns in the window whilst the others finalised their purchases when I spotted some undyed cashmere from Devon which had been knitted up into a swatch. We couldn't believe how light and soft it was and I fell down rather badly and bought two skeins. It is amazing stuff though and a have a very special project in mind for it.

After stopping for a late lunch at Wagamama we decided that we had bettr skip Loop and head straight on to Walthamstow if we were to get to the Handweavers' Studio before it shut. I pikced up a few merino tops in green/blue shades and was very happy when Aliki and Katie were both tempted over to the dark side too! They both got drop spindles and I'm going to get them started with the spinning at the knitting group on Wednesday, yay. I was very tempted by the Tussah silk solids and harmonies but I've got enough fibre stash to be going on with for the moment.

merino tops

Jaq left us here and we headed back into central London to visit All the Fun of the Fair at Kingly Court. Felix went nuts at this point as she realised that the place was crammed full of knitted cakes, donuts and biscuits - it's like her dream shop.


Finally we went to John Lewis for a cup of tea and a sit down (and a good opportunity for a photo of Felix's new knitted goodies) before heading home.

a nice cup of tea and a sit down

We didn't really have time for a proper look round the lovely reorganised wool department but I did manage to get three balls of Rowan 4 ply soft in a beautiful dark plum colour for the knee socks in Rowan 40.

I knew I couldn't get through a whole day without buying yarn for socks (even if it's not strictly speaking sock yarn)!

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