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Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's green and stripy and very mysterious?

Two new FOs:

My first entry* for the Missability Knitted Walking Stick Cosy competition

I finished it off with a matching ruffle at the top and a sewn bind-off (I need to practice for my special cashmere project!).

You can see more knitted walking stick cosies at the flickr group for the competition.

Mason-Dixon dishcloth

Mum was admiring the blue dishcloth when she was round at mine the other week so I've knitted this one in green stripes (to match the curtains!). It's hers, so long as she doesn't say "it's too nice for washing dishes"!

These are both such quick knits and the walking stick cosy is great for using up leftover sock yarn. I've got another one planned using the leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn from my Vinnland socks, possibly with the stitch pattern from Hedera.

Meantime the Mystery Stole 3 progresses (or rather it will as soon as I stop typing and start knitting!). I have just a few rows to complete of the shortened Clue 4 before moving on to Clue 5 which involves creating a wing. I have no idea (and nor do any of my knitting buddies) as to precisely what a wing might be but I suppose that's the mystery. I'm just off to look at Clue 6 now to see if that makes things any clearer!

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christine (threedogknits) said...

That's a great walking stick cozy. Good luck with the cozy competition! Have you seen all the fabulous comments I've gotten about the socks you made for me? People are drooling. Thanks again!