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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good enough to eat..

Oxford Kitchen Yarns sock yarn

Actually I'm not altogether sure if madder (which is what this lovely stuff is dyed with) is edible but it certainly produces beautiful colours. I'm very excited to be the second ever customer of Oxford Kitchen Yarns (the online shop will be up and running soon), my friend Katie's natural dyeing business, and I think Katie was almost as excited to see the first person other than herself knitting with her yarn.

The yarn is hand-dyed British Bluefaced Leicester and the yardage is approximately 425m to 100g which should make a good length pair of socks. At the moment the yarn comes in around 5 shades (all from natural dyes) and Katie is also dyeing lace-weight and dk weight yarns.

I'm working on a pattern with cables and moss stitch which will show off all the lovely shades in the yarn. Due to the natural dyeing process there's a very subtle, soft semi-solid effect which is just beautiful. I'm knitting on 2.5mm needles so I should have lots of stitches to play with too.

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Felix said...

Very nice pics of the lovely yarn! I am also looking for great stitch patterns to show off the beautiful, semi-solid colourway... I got the sock yarn though!

We should organise some kind of Oxford Kitchen Yarns knitalong!!!