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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You can tell you're knitting too much when... finish objects faster than you can blog about them.

I finished the Rainy Day socks from the March issue of Magknits just in time to post them off for Mother's Day. Mum seemed very pleased with them and promptly took them off to Nice "in case the room was cold". The pattern is very pretty and quick and I'm planning a pair for myself from some green baby cashmerino which has been hanging around in my stash as half of a pair of mittens.

ladybug clothes pegs from Sylvester's

To be fair there's been a lot of other stuff going on which has got in the way of blogging. Marathon training is still ongoing - the race is in 3 and a half weeks - we've moved to a new flat and we went on holiday. We've moved about 12 miles away to a village outside Oxford so I'm no longer cycling into work in the mornings. Instead I take the bus, which means knitting on the bus. At one stroke I have an extra 50 minutes free knitting time per day. This means that I'm racing through my projects. On the firsy Monday I cast on a Mason-Dixon dishcloth as a simple bus project, it was finished on Wednesday. Then I finished the Monkey socks and have now turned the heel of my first Birch Leaf sock. Pictures of all these goodies will be forthcoming at the weekend. The computer is now hooked up, the new camera is installed and on Friday we get broadband!

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