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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WIP - Birch Leaf socks

The first Nancy Bush Birch Leaf sock from A Gathering of Lace (such a lovely book - if you've not seen it I suggest you take a peek) is continuing apace. I tried it on last night after I got about twenty rows past the heel to see how it was fitting and I can tell that these will be favourite socks. I was worried that the stockinette area below the lace rib at the back of the ankle might be baggy but it fits perfectly. I asked my boyfriend what he thought* and after the entirely predictable comment that he thought that my toes would get cold he said he thought that the yarn was a bit day-glo. He may be right, whilst in the shop and in most lights the yarn is a lovely light spring green, in daylight it is on the fluorescent side. I don't mind too much though and I can't wait to wear these.

* a small part of me still lives in the hope that one day he'll come up with some thoughtful and relevant comment on my knitting.

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