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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring is here!

And the Monkey socks are finished, just in time for me to go tripping through the daffodils. The place where I live goes in for the "Xyz in Bloom" thing in a big way so there have been literally hosts of golden daffodils "fluttering and dancing in the breeze" (say what you like - I like Wordsworth and I like this poem). I'm hoping for big things from the tulips and bluebells when we get on to those too.

[pic to follow]

After weaving in the last end from the Monkey socks* I got out the pattern binder** and deliberated on the next project. I'd had a few things in mind, Elfine's socks, another stab at Pomatomus, Nancy Bush's Birch Leaf socks. Which is when I realised that despite being a self-confessed sockaholic I had never knit a Nancy Bush pattern. Decision made I read the pattern through twice (it's a little more complex than your average sock pattern) and cast-on in the solid green Regia. I'm hoping that I will have a pair of spring green birch socks by the time the birch leaves emerge from their buds on the trees outside our flat.

[pics to follow - no really, as soon as I have a moment***]

* I'm not one of those people who likes to sit and reflect between projects, it's literally cast-off—cast-on with me. I think that it's because as do the straightforward knitting which is finishing off the toe of the second sock, or neck of the sweater or whatever I start to look forward to the next exciting challenge rather than being due to some desperate fear of being projectless. I can sit and do nothing, I really can.

** I love my pattern binder. Who knew that that filing patterns in a ring-binder, neatly sorted into sections would make them so much easier to find than when they were "filed" into odd bags or boxes of yarn, or down the side of the sofa?

*** still getting to grips with the new camera and the new flat.

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