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Friday, September 01, 2006

And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood..

He doesn't actually have a ring at the end of his nose, but he is excessively cute. And also definitely a 'he' despite the hearts and flowers. I really cannot recommend Pottery Café enough. The café is situated on the Fulham Road near to Parson's Green tube station. The studio fee is £5 and you pay for any items that you paint. They have some really great pieces to decorate from Bridgewater Pottery and from their pottery on the Isle of Wight and you can paint anything from a cat to a dinner plate. There is a wide range of colours and paintbrushes as well as thin tubes for piping and pencils for writing. Best of all there are sponges cut in many different shapes (stars, flowers, tractors, bumble bees to name a few) so even the artistically challenged can create a masterpiece. The only drawback for those not living in London is that the pots have to be glazed and fired so you can't take them away with you the same day, however, they will hang on to the stuff for several months if you can't pick it up immediately. The café serves drinks but you can also bring your own. The only danger is the recurring urge to dip your paintbrush into your glass instead of the mug of water!

In other news I have nearly (by which I mean about a hundred stitches to go) cast-off the double potato chip scarf. I actually think I preferred it as a single ruffle but I'll see how it looks when it's completely finished. Either way, there's no way I'm ripping out all those stitches!

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