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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

3 days to Sock Wars!

That is 3 days until sign-up closes and yarn and needle requirements are published. I'm very excited about the whole thing. I've been checking out this gorgeous yarn online with a view to knitting my Sock Wars socks in it. The only concern is that it's just too pretty. How will I feel about sending off a pair of socks in this yarn with deadly intent to a complete stranger? How will I feel if I get 'killed' before I finish them and have to send them off unfinished to my assassin? It doesn't bear thinking about. The obvious solution is to buy a double quantity. One for Sock Wars and one for me. It saves on P&P in the long run!
Back to the yarn though, I especially love the Alpaca/Silk 4-ply/sock. The orchid colourway is soo lovely.
I've also been thinking about needles. Much as I loved the idea of Addis it turns out that I'm just not that comfortable knitting with them. I'll have to check with Katie (the guru when it comes to knitting two socks at once) that I'm using the right size but I find it so tight and uncomfortable, especially when I have to do anything more complicated than knit or purl. This puts patterned socks completely out of the question. I think I'll even put the socks I started on the addis onto DPNs as I'm just getting nowhere.

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