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Friday, September 08, 2006

Get these!

What every cool baby around town is wearing..Koigu bootees!
The pattern is the cabled circular seamless baby bootees pattern by Megan Mills which I have knit a couple of times now in its various incarnations with an added picot cast-on (a strange choice admittedly for someone who does not overly love casting-on with 2.75mm needles—so fiddly). They are a pretty quick knit (about 3 hours per bootee) which meant that I was able to more-or-less complete the second one on the train this evening. They still need a tie to weave in and out of the eyelet holes at the base of the cuff. Hopefully I can find some ribbon at Hobbycraft tomorrow, otherwise it wil have to be i-cord. Now I love making i-cord (who doesn't!?) as much as the next person but I have other plans for the remainder of my yarn which was after all bought with the original intention of making socks for myself.
Namely Pomatomus. I've cast on the 72 stitches (again with the tiny needles) and completed a couple of rounds of the twisted rib cuf but it's tough going. However, I will persevere, at least until I can prove to myself that I can master the charts. For some reason I have this strange sense of inadequacy which I suspect will linger until I actually knit one of the many intricte sock patterns which I have printed out from Knitty.

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