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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hats off

I've just parcelled up the little hats to send to innocent for their Big Knit 2011. And how many did I knit in the end? Well you'll have to wait for the final round-up post to find out but the parcel weighs just under 500 grams - that's nearly a whole sweater!*

Wee hats

You can see one of the latest batch of hats in the middles of the photo. I got a bit carried away with the Fair Isle in the end (which I think is a sign that I'm ready to get back to some 'real' knitting now).

*Although I suppose a fair amount of that is pom-pom.


Lara said...

Bravo, bravo Liz! Hurrah for the little hats and I'm looking forward to the be reveal.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooo! What a great lot of hats! I do like th fair isle one in the middle, and the white and blue one on the right. They all look very neat, as apposed to my "rustic" hats. :)