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Thursday, October 13, 2011

And that's your lot

sheepie mosaic

So if you count the hats in these mosaics and add them to the 32 in this post and the 20 in this post you get the grand total of ...

mosaic 2

... 90 hats!

Favourites this time are of course the pink sheep in the top mosaic and all the little Fair Isle hats. I started making the Fair Isle hats last Friday and just got sucked in. I think I might have been missing 'real' knitting and I was definitely feeling the colourwork urge (maybe because I have these hats mentally lined up to knit as soon as I get the yarn).

In the meantime I'm doing some Finnish colourwork.

Rovaniemi mitten

These are Rovaniemi mittens and I've got the full yarn kebab going on.

Rovaniemi mitten

They're knitting up surprisingly quickly given that I'm working on 2mm needles. Of course it was helped by a mammoth knitting session in the pub last night. I thought it was going to be a quiet night but we had three new knitters - autumn is obviously the season for joining the knitting group.


Felicity Ford said...

BRING THE MITTEN ON SATURDAY! I MUST SEE HOW IT WORKS! That was excited capitals as opposed to shouty ones. Your haul of innocent hats is staggeringly brilliant; the whole campaign is lucky to have your considerable SKILLZ as a contribution.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

WOW!!! 90 hats! That's fantastic! I really like the fairisle ones. Did you use DK or 4ply for them?

The mitten looks great and scarey all at the same time. :)