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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding cupcakes

Today we went to our fourth and final wedding of the year, that of Ruth and Paul in Great Malvern. We arrived just before the exit of the newly married couple from the Council House in Malvern and had a moment of wondering if we were at the right wedding until I spotted that all the bridesmaids were wearing Damsons. It's usually a sign that you're in the right place when you recognise the knitwear.

Of course Ruth had also knit a shawl for herself - pretty fabulous, no?

Ruth and Paul

My own contribution to the day's craftiness was baking a batch of cupcakes for the cake table.


Chocolate cupcakes with creme fraiche icing decorated with raspberries and mint leaves

It took a little while to get the creme fraiche* icing right and the kitchen still looks like something exploded in it but I think it was worth it. And, I got the sweetest compliment. As I was taking a picture of the cupcakes I heard this angelic little boy behind me saying "Mummy, that lady's taking a picture of my favourite cakes".

* it was meant to be soured cream icing but creme fraiche was what we had in the fridge

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