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Monday, August 22, 2011

Snake in the grass

We had a fantastic treat when we went for our usual evening walk around Blenheim. We hadn't got more than a few metres along the path when we saw a 3 foot grass snake basking in the middle of it. It slithered off incredibly quickly but I managed to get one half decent photo.

grass snake

You can just see the white band on the back of its neck and I was able to get close enough to see its tongue flicking in and out. I was so excited - this is the first snake I've seen in the wild since I was very little.

The rest of our walk was less eventful but very lovely. Blenheim looked so beautiful in the evening sunshine - even the algae on the lake was a stunning iridescent green.


Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Good grief!! I'd have had a heart attack! I've never seen a snake in the wild. I live in Belfast, and we don't have snakes in Ireland (North or South). They were driven out by St Patrick don't you know. ;)

Diana said...

I love that you got excited to see a snake! So many people freak out or worse (we won't go there). I admit, they startle me when I happen upon them -- we have a lot of garter snakes in the spring/fall here in rural Massachusetts -- and I have no interest in handling them, but I do like to see them. A world without snakes would be a world filled with rodents, my father likes to say.