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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving swiftly on

It became clear sometime around 9pm last night that Plan B wasn't really going to play out. Even after sacrificing the sleeves no way was there going to be enough yarn left to finish the raglan decreases and shape the shoulders. Sooo, I dealt with it the way I do with a lot of my projects that aren't quite working out, that is I stuffed it in a bag, pretended it hadn't happened, and pulled out a different project: a pair of long, long-neglected socks.

I've now worked 5 out of the 7 pattern repeats for the leg of the second sock. 2 more repeats to go before I need to start working out exactly what it was I did for the heel of the first sock back in January. I just know that I didn't divide the stitches evenly between heel and instep (due to the calf decreases and the position of the pattern) - other than that it's a complete mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Might it be possible to make something that's something like the shape of the yellow top on the front of the spring 2010 Twist Collective (Celandine)?