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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This week I have mostly ...

... been reading I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

I Capture the Castle

I really can't recommend this charming book too highly. It came to me with glowing reviews from Lara and Brenda Dayne and it didn't disappoint. If you've already read I Capture the Castle you might also like The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets which has a very similar feel to it.

... been watching Man on Wire on BBC2. This is a beautifully, quirky documentary about Phillippe Petit's compulsion to walk on a wire stretched between the two towers of the World Trade Centre. The story of how he and his team broke in there and the wire walk itself is funny and fascinating and the whole thing is only made more poignant by the fact that the buildings that he danced between are no longer standing. It's still available to view on BBC iPlayer.

... been listening to the BBC Proms, in particular A Celebration of Classic MGM Film Musicals which featured, amongst other artists, the multi-talented Seth McFarlane. I mean, I knew the guy could sing, but boy can he sing. This is also still available to watch or listen to on iPlayer.


katieh said...

i love i captured the castle. The film is ok too - it has good knitting porn in it. :)

Jodi said...

I enjoyed the book immensely! So charming. BTW, if you've never read the novel of 101 Dalmations (also by Dodie Smith), it's worth reading, esp. if you have a kid to read with. It's so sweet and funny.

The movie was meh in terms of dialogue, acting, etc., but visually it was quite lovely.

Felix said...

Your shetland cardigan is coming on a real treat! It looks so beautiful in that handspun.

I liked the film and am hoping to read the book of ictc.

Ruth said...

I loved Man on Wire! I was slightly sad that I will never have a story to tell but how amazing! What a tale!

Lien said...

Oh, awesome, your post reminded me about the musicals BBC Proms. I watched it yesterday. So fun.

And you're right- that Seth McFarlane can *sing*.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful book! I really, really love it, and enjoyed the film too... it was just perfect to sit and watch - there are some brilliant knits in it too! Your arisaig is looking great!