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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alternative listening

What with Brenda Dayne being on summer vacation and Miss Violet following the Mountain Sole Trail I decided I needed to scout around for a couple more knitting podcasts to listen to whilst my two favourites are off the air.

I came up with The Knitmore Girls presented by Jasmine and Gigi and Never Not Knitting presented by Alana.

I downloaded two episodes of each to give each podcast a fair chance and listened to them on the train coming back from Bolton on Sunday and I really enjoyed both shows. It took me a little longer to get into The Knitmore Girls but by the second episode I'd figured out the format of the show and got used to the two different voices*. Both shows feature yarn and book reviews and knitting stories. I loved the story of the Joseph knitting told by Nic in episode 22 of Never Not Knitting and Alana's own story in episode 21 of how she used to cure "woolophobes" of their fear of the scratchy stuff was really funny. Alana's show also has great music editing and a really catchy theme song.

* Although why two different voices should worry me when I've been happily confusing Lime, Violet, and Carin (they all sound the same to me!) for the past three years I don't know.


Felix said...

I cannot wait to listen to your recommendations; all tips for converting wool-a-phobes eagerly taken and I too am slightly adrift without the amazing Brenda x

ruthcrafts said...

I've just found the knitmore girls too! Really looking forward to their interviews from SS, which I think will be separate from the podcast itself...

Jasmin said...

Yay! Thanks for listening!