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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Spin, ply, wash, dry

Hand spun sock yarn in Cherry and Espresso dyed by The Thylacine.

Handspun Cherry and Espresso

I offered to spin and knit a sample for Megan's stand at FibreFest at the end of August. I chose this beautiful colourway on a base of oatmeal bfl and silk and it has spun up beautifully. Not quite like I thought it would, the brown looks much darker, almost grey once spun, but that's always one of the nice surprises about spinning, how colours appear to change when spun and plied.

I've only plied about half the spun fibre so far as I just needed to have something to take away with me to London for the next few days so I could get a start on the knitting. I've cast on for a pair of Monkeys on 2.5mm needles but I'm taking the rest of my Harmony dpns along just in case I need to go up a needle size.

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Moggle said...

The yarn looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it knits up.