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Thursday, April 02, 2009

What, no owls?

We didn't have a fantastic weekend - first the boyfriend was ill, then I was (thankfully not with the same thing) - but I did manage to knit most of a new vest which I should get a bit of wear out of before the weather gets too warm for bulky wool.

Owl-less vest

Pattern: based on O w l s by Kate Davies
Size: 34"
Yarn: Rowan Country; 7 balls
Needles: 6.5mm and 6mm 80cm circulars

I originally bought the yarn to knit a jacket for Laurie, then realised that there were some sizing issues with the pattern that I'd picked*. The yarn's really a bit bulky for her anyway so I decided to knit something for myself. As the gauge was just about the same as the O w l s pattern I decided to start off knitting that and see how I got on. By the time I reached the armholes I'd worked through 4 of the 7 balls so I decided on making a vest. I chose not to the knit the owls, partly because I wasn't sure whether the placement (right across the chest) would be flattering and partly because they're rather difficult to work in the bulky yarn and I didn't want to be all owled out for when I knit the sweater proper.

The pattern was really easy to follow and the clever waist shaping at the back makes for a flattering fit. Now I have a cute (and warm) vest for spring and a really good idea about what decisions to make when knitting O w l s for real in order to have a perfect fitting sweater. In fact, just think of it as a giant swatch.

* the clue was that one (adult) knitter on Ravelry was able to fit into the 2 year old size!

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Felix said...

Your O w l s vest looks amazing. I like how you adapted the lovely shaping on the pattern to vest-format and it looks very well in your nice yarn.