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Monday, February 12, 2007

White birthday

Beats a white Christmas any day of the week. My birthday celebrations on Thursday kicked off with a cheeky OJ and fizz and a walk through the snow to work.
We don't get snow here too often, but when we do it's totally worth the wait.There's something fantastical about this picture of the New College mound (sorry that's its name). It looks like a set from LOTR or Narnia. Apparently the giant snowball to the left of the picture was about nine feet high by the end of the day. Who says students spend too little time working?

I took advantage of the snow to take some shots of a couple of finished objects, another hat for Dulaan and a bear in Rowan Cashsoft.See, it's not just bloggers in Canada and the Arctic that get to have "arty" pics of their FOs lightly dusted with snowflakes.

Later, much later, after enduring a somewhat epic railway journey (the stressfulness of which was due entirely to my own stupidness), I arrived up north for part 2 of my birthday (I love having two birthdays in two locations). There were lots of lovely pressies including earrings to match the necklace I got at Christmas, the DVD of Pride & Prejudice (Matthew McFayden in a frilly shirt), lovely handmade chocs from these people and, best of all, this:From left to right: 3.5mm Brittany birch straight needles (35cm length), Schaefer Anne sock yarn in the Milly colourway, Helen's Lace in Mixed Berries and 3.75mm Lantern Moon Destiny circular needles in Rosewood (80cm length). I am so looking forward to Saturday when I can wind this lot into balls using Katie's ballwinder and Swift.

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