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Monday, February 05, 2007

All the extremities covered

I'm not usually much of a Magknits girl but I am really liking the February issue. There are three (count 'em) patterns that I want to knit, which out of eight patterns in total is a pretty good hit to miss ratio. I've already started the Falling in Love socks. They are so pretty, the little hearts in the lace are pure genius and look so perfect and they're knit from my favourite yarn, Jaeger's Matchmaker Merino 4 ply. I'm knitting this pair, however, in Jaeger Matchmaker Alpaca. I have just over 50 grams left from the four balls I bought in the John Lewis sale over 2 years ago (I really should have bought more I know) and I think it will just stretch to two trainer socks worth.

The lace pattern doesn't show up in the photo but it's looking great. I'm just about ready to cast off the first sock and I should have enough yarn (about 35 grams) to comfortably make the second one.

Next up after that (on the quickie projects list anyway) is the
Santa Cruz hat. Now that my hair is no longer short and spiky I think I can risk a lace hat. There's also these Peekaboo mittens for those mornings when it's a bit too cold for the Fetchings.

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