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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All done

It was a close thing at the end but it's done! I had to miss out the final purl back row of the edging but I had just enough to cast off. It's not blocked yet but I did pin it out to get an idea of the final size and shape.

I don't think the edging suffers too much from being a row short. The cast off edge could have been a little looser but I didn't want to risk using the bigger needles and running out of yarn. I think that the points will come out OK when it's blocked though.

Of course the only thing about finishing so early is that I feel a bit left out now that everyone else is casting on their shawls - maybe I could knit another?

When I've felt like I needed a break from the uber-fluffiness of the angora I've been making crocheted earrings. I saw some of these online a week or so back and had an urge to try them. I really like the gold ones, although I still need to find some jump rings to get the right dangle factor.

Can you also guess what book I just bought? Knitting Rules and so does the Harlot.

I also made this cake.

It's a whole orange chocolate cake from the January 2007 issue of Good Food magazine. The instructions start off by telling you to simmer a whole orange for an hour - from that point I was hooked. There's also ground cinnamon and coriander in there so it's a spicy cake. It's a pudding cake so it's best served hot with custard or ice-cream or something but it's pretty good cold too!

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