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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the possibilities in your stash? It happens to me all the time at the end of a project. I've just finished a pair of Muckle Mitts and the 16 Sixteen Cables hat and I haven't a clue what to knit next. I've got 4 ply Shetland in sufficient quantities for a hat and mittens and lots of laceweight and plenty of other bits and pieces but I'm struggling to match the yarn to a project. So any ideas would be most welcome.  I'm looking for a non-lacy lace project or something in colourwork that isn't another pair of fingerless mittens!


WoollydazeToo said...

I discovered recently that one can knit a cardigan from a single 100g skein of laceweight. Gudrun Johnson's Laar, for example I'm intrigued by this possibility!

LuisaM said...

I was going to suggest the same... Two votes for Laar!

Lara said...

Sometimes I think it is hardest of all what to decide to knit with stash wool especially if it has many possibitilies - you could do Kate's Hazelhurst if you have enough 4-ply. Or maybe something like featherweight cardigan? That would look lovely on you. Or a toy with the 4ply? xxx