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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ready, set, go

The presents are wrapped, my bag is (almost) packed, and tomorrow I'll be venturing onto the trains in the fond hope of making it up to Bolton for Christmas. At the same time the boyfriend will be setting off in the car in the opposite direction for Kent. Since we won't be spending Christmas together we've already exchanged gifts - the boyfriend seemed very happy with his (non-hand-knitted) sweater and I'm very chuffed with my necklace and earrings which the boyfriend very sweetly picked out to match THE DRESS. He gets top marks for thoughtfulness.

I really hope that I get a seat on the train tomorrow. If I do I should have a very comfortable journey, I've got a bunch of DVDs packed and my new legwarmers to work on. I found a fabulous pattern on from the Spring '08 Knitty on Ravelry called Mosey - they should be just what I want. Pictures when I've got something a little more interesting to show you than one inch of 2 x 2 rib.

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Felix said...

The Mosey legwarmers are wonderful; they feel good, are exciting to knit, and are generally pleasing in every way.

Do not, however, expect them to perform well in the snow; please to observe the terrible plight of my Mosey's in the snow here:

Mark's photo of my Moseys failing in the snow

...hope you have a really wonderful Xmas, and top marks to R for thoughtful gifts of joy.