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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fleece Day 2010

Saturday was Fleece Day for the Oxford Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers at Stanton St. John. This was kind of a guild open day with demonstrations, fleece and yarn to buy, and lots of cake (which I totally failed to take any pictures of).

The fleece!

[Oxford Downs fleece]

I arrived early with Megan just as Kate and the other dyers were setting up the dyeing tent for demonstrations.

The dyeing tent

It was fascinating to see Megan's dyeing process. I've seen and worked with lots of the finished product so I was so interested to see how she gets those lovely results.

Megan hand-dyeing fibre

Megan hand-dyeing fibre

Megan hand-dyeing fibre

There were lots of lovely items on the sales tables. This hand felted alpaca cushion found its way home with me (after some dithering) as a house warming gift to myself. I can't tell you how soft it it. Not only is the cover made from felted alpaca but it's stuffed with alpaca fibre too.

Guild sales items

Between eating cake and watching Megan and Kate's dyeing demos I got on with some spinning, answered questions, and taught three people to spin (or at least gave them a go on my wheel).

Clare learning to spin

It turns out that Clare (from Bluestockings) is a natural. Megan and I will be continuing her fibre education/corruption by pushing a spindle and fibre on her in the very near future - I think we have another convert to the dark side.


Felix said...

How I wish I could have come to the lovely fleece day!
It looks like marvellous fun and that Oxford Down fleece is just gorgeous!

power saw blade said...

Transforming a very beautiful creation like that from a simple and innocent fleece. That is very fantastic. I wonder if you are conducting seminars or a workshop perhaps for those who wants to learn.