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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Smells like summer

For me the smell of Soltan is the smell of summer and (hurrah) this weekend has been hot enough so far to have necessitated slapping it on in liberal doses. It hasn't prevented me from going a bit red in places but nothing like the redness incurred whilst playing korfball* around this time last year.

I've been outdoors all day at the OGWSD Art Weeks exhibition spinning and watching other people dyeing and (I have a new hobby) needle felting.

Needle felted daisy

It's great fun except when you stick the needle in your finger - ow! Unlike most fibre-crafts this is not one to do whilst watching the telly. I needle felted some daisies/daffodils onto some purply/red felt and later turned it into a camera case.

Needle felted camera case

Now that I have the basics - a big sponge and a viciously sharp (and barbed) needle - I'm keen to try embellishing lots of other things so don't be surprised if you notice that all my belongings have been customised to within an inch of their lives.

The big event of the day was that Chris and Linda of Red Hill alpacas brought 3 of their herd - Sonita, Amy and Jacita - over to meet us. Everyone was very excited to see the beautiful animals.

Red Hill alpaca

Red Hill alpaca

No wonder that everyone wants to have their own alpaca - they're just so cuddly. Sadly there's not really room for one on our balcony.

* turns out if you spend all day with one arm in the air looking skywards your neck will turn very red - even with sunscreen.


the frog princess said...

Aw, I really wanted to do that workshop, it looked like fun! And alpacas!!

Will you show me how to do it sometime? *bats eyelashes*

Lara said...

It won't surprise you to know that I have long hankered a desire to learn how to needle felt. I *heart* the camera case - it looks ace and yes, everyone should be able to keep an alpacca. Gorgeous. Looks like a fab day, hope to catch up soon to hear all about it. Lxxx