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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Slight change of plan

Sacre du Printemps toe

I got this far with the Sacre du Printemps socks before deciding that the gauge (even after going up a needle size) was far too tight. I still want to knit this pattern (albeit with finer sock yarn) but for the moment - riiiiiip.

It only took a few minutes on Ravelry to find the perfect alternative pattern, Hedera. It's pretty, straightforward, another Cookie A. pattern and it was even originally knit in Rowan 4-ply soft.


I've been wanting to knit this pattern for ages, ever since receiving a pair for Sockapalooza 4 and even more so after seeing Megan's. Once I've completed these and the current pair of Monkeys my sock drawer should be fully replenished and I can maybe get on with a bit of Christmas sock knitting - less than 8 knitting months to go, guys!

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