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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Knitted Baby

Baby Porter wears Feather and Fan bonnet by Larissa, Boatneck sweater By Debbie Bliss from Baby Knits for Beginners and Posy bootees by Martin Storey from JB29 all knitted by me. The blanket is from Debbie Bliss "The Baby Knits book" in cashmerino aran and was knitted by my Mum (peer pressure finally paying off).

Knitted baby

I can't believe she's already big enough for the sweater which was the first thing I knit for her and which looked huge* when I knit it. The bonnet is the latest creation and makes her look like something out of a Rembrandt painting**.

I received this picture via phone on Thursday afternoon and it had the usual effect of making me want to knit even more stuff for her. I did a little swatching and calculating and came up with a striped raglan cardigan knit from the bottom up. After a few rows, however, I realised that my stash purple yarn was much brighter than I had thought and so ripped back to the end of the ribbing and began again using much narrower stripes and knitting in reverse stocking stitch to tone down the effect.

Striped baby cardi

So far I've knit the body and one arm up to the bottom of the armholes and I'm well on the way with the other arm. Baby knitting really is instant gratification.

Talking of which..

FO - Fetchings in Kidsilk Aura and Kidsilk Haze


I ran out of the Aura just after the thumb hole on the second Fetching. Luckily I had a coordinating ball of Kidsilk Haze in my stash. Although I didn't intend to knit a pair of bi-coloured gloves I'm really pleased with the effect***. There'll be lots more KSH knitting to come as I've still got 2 and 2 half balls in my stash (a combination of leftovers and impulse buys) luckily in complementary colours.

* All size is relative when talking about baby knitting.
** Insert Dutch cap joke here.
*** More so that the boyfriend who commented that he thought it just looked as though the gloves were dirty!


Lara said...

Baby porter looks very very cute. She models knitwear very well! And also fetchings look beautiful - i'm assuming they are very warm and soft! See you wednesday Lx

katieh said...

Best dressed niece EVER! (so cute.)

The fetching look great - i bet they're toasty-warm too.

Kirsty said...

The fetchings so do not look dirty! They look just lovely. As, of course, does Baby Porter. That proportion of handknit coverage has got to be a pretty good start in life!