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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Double potions

Hand dyed yarn

More yarn dyed through the magic of Super Cook. This turned out rather more autumnal than I had planned - I may have been influenced by all the amazing leaves around work.

Autumn leaves

I think that some leaf pattern long hand-warmers would be lovely in this - at least my arms would look warm.

I've learnt anyway that I need a lot less dye than I had thought to get deep colours and I need hardly any dye to get lighter shades.

Dye pots

For my next attempt I went for a light pink and green. I mixed up much less dye and added it very carefully to the yarn to avoid the colours mixing and to avoid saturating the yarn.

rhubarb fool

This is almost exactly what I was going for - it's like stalks of rhubarb.

Still on the hand-dyed theme I'm onto the second wavy leaves sock but I'm mostly working on a Kiri shawl in silk laceweight for one of the bridesmaids at Aliki's sister's wedding. The yarn is Grace by the Australian Live 2 Knit and it's so beautiful (if a bit of an arse to knit with).

Kiri shawl

This is the first time I've knit lace with something that gives that proper pre-blocking "dishrag" effect in that it looks like nothing at all at the moment. Still, it's going to make the blocking seem even more miraculous. If you want to see what it looks like blocked you can check it out on Aliki's blog. Didn't I mention that I'm only knitting the third one of three?

Kiri shawl

Talking of lovely things, I found this link to Ulla (the Finnish Knitty) on Kirsty's blog - the patterns are gorgeous - so much so that it might be worth learning Finnish!

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Kirsty said...

Heehee, looking forward to seeing that block up. I love the magic lace blocking effect.
I also love autumnal colours- those arm warmers are going to be stunning!