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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Mystery Stole

Good title for book 8, eh? OK, it's not as difficult as destroying a Horcrux but it's tricky lace (especially without magic). In fact I think it's the most difficult lace knitting I've attempted yet. It's a good thing it comes in instalments, if I'd been able to see the whole pattern at once I'm not sure I'd have dared to try it.

I didn't get much done on the mystery stole on Saturday - reading HP7 turned out to be quite emotionally draining (i.e. I cried like a baby) - but I knit quite a bit on Sunday whilst watching the thrilling climax to the Open golf with the result that I completed Clue 2 and am currently about two-thirds of the way through Clue 3 (yay!).

Here's the stole knitted up to the end of Clue 2:


a detail of the central pattern:

Patern detail

and the lace border:

Border detail

So far it's looking pretty good - I made one mistake quite early on in Chart A which I only spotted when it was too late to fix it but at least it seems to be a symmetrical mistake!

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