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Saturday, July 28, 2007

All wrapped up

My Sockapalooza package is ready to go!

Sockapalooza parcel

The socks are knit, I've made a tiny skein of darning yarn, I've located (eventually) the ball band, and I've found a scenic local postcard. I've also put in a gorgeous felted rose brooch that I found in Sylvesters. I know it's traditional to send chocolate in these exchanges but I have been able to find clear info on whether it's OK to send food into the States and I didn't want to risk the package being held up.


Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Your Sockapalooza pal is very lucky. Nice socks, and your socks are also winging their way to you from the Great White North (Canada). Hopefully, it won't take too long as they've gone express mail. Enjoy them when they arrive!

Your Sockapalooza Pal

Shannon said...

Nice socks and package. For future reference it's completely fine to send food the US if you aren't sending raw meat / cheese ... it's sort of the wrong time of year to send chocolate however.

[Came here via Ravelry and the Bluestockings group which I've never attended. I didn't realise it was the name of the knitting group.]

christine (threedogknits) said...

I just received my socks. I love them!! Your Sockapalooza Pal is correct: I am lucky! I love the color, the beads, the design... everything. I'm following up with an email. I'll post on my blog tomorrow. Thank you! PS: smart move on not sending chocolate to Florida in August! :-)