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Monday, August 05, 2013

Pushing on

After posting about my Tour de Fleece spinning I felt inspired to push on and ply the second skein.  As I filled the drop spindle each time I had wound the spun fibre into a centre pull ball using my nostepinde. Now I don't know if I'm missing a trick here but although I love the little nostepinde eggs I find it really tricky to do anything more than a 2 ply from them, especially with fine singles with a lot of twist. Chaos and yarn barf usually ensues. Long story short I wound the singles onto the bobbins from my wheel under a small amount of tension and then spindle plied from the built in lazy Kate. A somewhat convoluted process but less stressful than the alternative.
Having got the wheel out for this purpose it seemed a shame to put it away without doing any actual spinning. I already had one bobbin full of singles in a bright orange wool/silk blend which I bought from Old Maiden Aunt at UK knit camp around 3 years ago so it was high time I hunted out the rest of the fibre and did something with it. By the time my recording of the London-Surrey classic ran out yesterday (another BBC sport recording fail) I had three bobbins full and was ready to get plying. I should have the finished yarn to show you today or tomorrow.

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