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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Serendipity (or a last hurrah for Wovember)

After a very jolly evening knitting and eating Thai food with the Sticks'n'String knitting group in Reading I was walking back towards the train station with Felix, discussing the merits of tweed for skirt making, when we came upon this display in the window of Jackson's department store.

Harris Tweed display

You can't quite read the tiny label on the equally wee jacket but it says "Not for sale". Presumably in response to or anticipation of the hordes of people enquiring whether they could buy said jacket for their wee tot or teddy bear (it's like a 6 month old size!).

Further up the display there's a rather splendid picture of the current Doctor with the slogan "He chose Harris Tweed, why don't you?".

Harris Tweed display

The display even references the sheep whose wool is used to weave the tweed. It's a far cry from all the fake woolliness to be seen elsewhere on the high street.

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