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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Local yarn for local people

Wolvercote yarn

When I popped into Darn It and Stitch yesterday after work I was thrilled to see that Jo is now stocking the beautiful pure Ryeland yarn from Blacker Yarns. I have knit with this stuff before and it is lovely. However, I was even more excited when she told me why she was stocking that particular line - it is from local sheep! Sheep, in fact, that I have seen in Wolvercote whilst out running. I was so excited that I nearly gave up my plans for a laceweight lace cardigan (a la this one from Cath Kidston) and bought DK yarn instead.

Wolvercote yarn

Wolvercote yarn

Jo also has new yarn in from Oxford Kitchen Yarns (another local supplier). Sadly there wasn't quite enough of the sock in Sunflower which would have been the perfect shade to mimic the yellow cashmere used in the CK cardigan.

There's not quite enough time** to show you what I actually purchased but it did come one of Jo's lovely new paper bags.

New bags

* apologies for the quality of the photos - I was rushing to catch a bus! ** rushing for another bus

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tinebeest said...

Oh, that's round the corner from where I used to live!

Oxford has gotten a lot better on the wooly side of life since I left. I hope there is no direct connection between those two facts...