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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday crumble

Sunday is a good day for country walks, following the cricket, and proper puddings.

Cherry plum crumble

Crumble is definitely a proper Sunday pudding especially when served with a dollop of cold cream and it's so easy to make. Just fill an oven proof bowl with enough fruit to fully cover the bottom, sprinkle with sugar, spoon over enough crumble mix to hide the fruit, sprinkle some more brown sugar on top and then bake at around 200 C for 25 minutes or until it looks done.

Crumble mix recipe (makes enough for 2 people)
4 oz plain flour
1.5 oz butter
2.5 oz demerara sugar

Rub the flour and butter together (similar to making pastry) then mix in the sugar.

This crumble is made with yet more cherry plums but later in the year it will be apple and blackberry.

Whilst watching the cricket I spent most of the day on a secret sewing project - I'll have pictures to show you in a couple of weeks once the recipient has received it.

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