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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Actual sewing

It's been all go on the wedding dress front. I picked up the pattern from Darn it and Stitch on Saturday and then had a lovely afternoon in Reading with Felix on Sunday picking out fabric, lining, and notions for the muslin followed by tea at Bill's Restaurant and Produce Store. I love this place and am hoping to make a return visit very soon.

Anyway since then I must have put in at least fifteen hours' work on the muslin but it's only today that I got on to any actual sewing. It took two or three hours to cut out all the paper pieces and then around another seven to cut out the fabric and lining pieces. There are 18 numbered pieces some of which have to be cut out several times (in both fabric and lining) and three of which have extensions which have to be taped on. Then there's not only lining but also underlining which means even more cutting out! Still, it's all done now and I spent a very jolly evening watching Strictly and Merlin* and basting the fabric pieces to the underlining to create a double thickness. I really like this method of construction. The underlining really adds stability to the satin fabric which is otherwise prone to stretching out of shape on the bias and it should make for a much more secure base layer underneath the drapes. Plus it means I'll have at least three layers of fabric (four with the drapes) to keep me warm in chilly February.

I'll take some pictures of the basted pieces tomorrow - they look so neat with the claret fabric and blue stitching - but today I'll leave you with just the cut out pieces.

V8150 pattern pieces

See what I mean about the multiplicity of pieces? I can see at least three number 16s in this photo alone. The pinned-on labels are, I find, essential for maintaining my sanity. You can tell which piece is which by comparing it with the schematic but it makes life so much easier if you number them as you go along.

* This week Merlin and Arthur seemed to have strayed into Middle Earth. There were winged nazgul and a mini Barad-dur and at one point the Fisher King gave Merlin the light of Elendil. OK, it was the water of Avalon but he more or less said that it would be a light for him in dark places, when all other lights go out.

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Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Wow!!! I take my hat off to you! What a task, good luck with it!