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Monday, July 19, 2010


My favourite thing about Ravelry is the Friend Activity page where I can see what everyone's knitting and what everyone's loving - for instance I'm definitely keen on knitting one of these pumpkin hats like Aliki's soon.

But my two most recent projects have been things that I've seen people knitting at Bluestockings on Wednesdays.

Pyroclastic socks

Pattern: Pyroclastic from Knitty Winter '09
Yarn: Louet Gems Opal
Needles: 2.5mm

I'm pretty pleased with these. The gusset/arch shaping is very neat and I like the pattern. If I knit these again I'd use a slimmer yarn for a stretchier sock and I'd start knitting the heel a few rows earlier or later so that the decreases across the top of the instep didn't coincide with the start of the lace repeat. I really love the eye of partridge heel - it's time I've knit this heel and the effect is very pleasing. I'm also really pleased to have finally knit something up out of this yarn which I bought at the I Knit show a year ago (I think it was a year ago anyway - blogger is being slow so I can't delve into the archives to check). Now I just need to knit something from the other two skeins of Louet that I bought at the same time.

Shimmer socks

Pattern: Shimmer by Meg Croft
Yarn: Merlot in Slim Sock from The Knittery
Needles: 2.5mm

Now these I wanted to cast on for as soon as I saw Felix knitting them in her lovely green Skein Queen yarn. This is such a cool pattern. Quick to knit, easy to memorize, and very effective (i.e. a lot of show for not much effort). I'm already on to the gusset shaping which I'm doing under the foot and I think I'll do another E-o-P heel - I assume it will look just as good toe-up as cuff-down, right?


Lara said...

oooh - I like both the patterns. As you know I love love love the friend activity page on Ravelry. I especially like Pyroclastic and it had passed me by on knitty. I love the eye of partridge heel which was knit toe up and worked really well - I did one for my having hope socks which i ripped back so maybe I'll knit these instead.

Moggle said...

They both look great. I must add Pyroclastic to my list of favourite sock patterns (currently about 300 in there!)