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Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm done with knitting!

That's right, I'm not doing any more knitting on this wretched Peacock Feathers shawl - because I'm finished!!

Finally I'm onto the crochet chain cast off, in fact I'm nearly halfway done and hope to be finished by this evening so the shawl can block tonight!

Peacock Feathers edging

It's looking pretty good this far, I really like the pattern of the lace edging and it's going to look amazing when all these little raggedy loops are pinned out straight (note to self: buy more pins after work).

I'd like to thank all my Bluestockings buddies at this point for their encouragement, especially Felix who has been sending me emails and blog comments along the lines of "GO TEAM!" at the announcement of each milestone. This one's for you guys!


Lara said...

Ahhh! It is so beautiful though Liz - the stitch and the colourway really do look like peacock feathers!
Hurrah for you finishing - I'm really impressed with you hitting the deadline. This is why the fluent knitter badge was destined for you! Lxx

katie said...



Felix said...

Absolutely superb.
I'm impressed, awestruck and delighted to have been able to encourage such brilliance in any small way!
You're amazing and the shawl is not only gorgeous but a fantastic knitting achievement!!!
...And an inspiration to the rest of us.

Ruth V said...

Congratulations! I'm so impressed that you're already done! You will look stunning on Sunday - I hope you have fun :)