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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WIP - Elijah


I got in some good progress on Elijah whilst watching the final episodes of Heroes (season 1) with Ellen and Helen last night. It's not at all suitable viewing for a young elephant - lucky he's not got ears or eyes yet then!

I'm very much enjoying this pattern - the lack of sewing up is a joy and it really uses very little yarn, I may end up with a whole herd of elephants.


Felix said...

Isn't it a great pattern?
I have also loved the lack of sewing up and I find it very comprehensive, clear and well-written as a pattern. I just finished the first ear and will post WIP photos soon. As you'll see from my blog, things just went a little nuts with my week so knitting is temporarily on hold.


Can't help thinking there's something rather disturbing about an eyeless, earless, pink elephant, though...